Janet Collins


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  A personal word of thanks
   From Janet Collins
                                 I would like to use this opportunity to say a short but heartfelt                                    thank you to three very special and extraordinary people,without                                     whom my musical life as it now exists would be unimaginable.
                                  Firstly, Leslie Olive, Founder and Artistic Director of the English                             Arts Chorale, who was responsible for developing and nurturing my                           early interest in music and helped me to appreciate the rewards of                         hard work and precise interpretation of a score.

Secondly, Rudolf Piernay, my singing teacher for many years and now also a very dear friend, who shared with me his practically boundless expertise and experience in allmatters vocal,and helped me to understand what phrasing is all about.

Last but not least, Will Humburg, until recently Generalmusikdirektor in Münster, who in his incomparably passionate and devoted approach to making music and theatre, helped me to discover the crucial and inexorable nature of the absolute equality of text, music and drama.
Thanks to these three people in particular, I have been priviledged to experience, and to participate in, many extraordinary, unforgettable musical moments. I very much look forward to the musical highlights we will celebrate in the years to come!